HR significantly expands the TruCath portfolio with two new offerings of ready-to-use intermittent catheters delivering optimal protection, comfort, and convenience.

York, PA, October 10, 2023. HR announced the introduction of two ready-to-use intermittent catheter offerings, TruCath Swift™, and TruCath Oasis™, broadening the TruCath® product range to deliver a comprehensive selection of products to meet clinical and individual needs and preferences better.

TruCath Swift Pre-Lubricated Intermittent Catheters and TruCath Oasis Ready-to-Use Hydrophilic Catheters are ready to use out of the package – no lubricant application or coating activation is required – saving time and reducing mess. Both products feature the TruProtect™ grip, providing controlled, no-touch handling to help reduce the risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, TruCath Swift uniquely incorporates additional gel in the grip to maximize distribution and user comfort.

“The launch of TruCath Swift and TruCath Oasis is a defining moment for HRP and further solidifies the TruCath product line in the market. Our team is excited to introduce this range of ready-to-use intermittent catheters, thoughtfully designed from product to packaging, to provide a positive user experience and continue to drive value to our DME partners,” said Chris Wiesman, Chief Revenue Officer. “HR expects a very positive reception from urology providers and end users. The initial feedback has been phenomenal.”

“HR has identified urology across the continuum of care as a strategic growth opportunity. Our organization has demonstrated our commitment to this category through acquisitions, product development, and allocated internal resources over the past 24 months. We expect these investments only to grow, shared Colby Wiesman, President. “These two products enhance HR’s ability to successfully align with the changing intermittent catheter market toward more convenient, ready-to-use options over the traditional uncoated catheter.”

The products are available in a range of French sizes and lengths for adult and pediatric users. To learn more about the extensive range of TruCath products, including TruCath Swift and TruCath Oasis Intermittent Catheters, visit