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♦  ONLY HR service specializing in healthcare

♦   The staff is from the healthcare environment 

♦   Ideal extension for a solo practice or any business at a minimal cost

♦   State-of-the-art web based system or paper copy

♦  HRhealthcare will help you be compliant and help you manage your most valuable asset, your staff.

♦HRhealthcare will be at your facility when needed, a phone call away, simply an email click away, at your side or taking charge whenever needed.  HRhealthcare will be there for you whenever you need


CnStaffing, inc has 3 divisions providing exceptional support in  your staffing,  personnel management and specialized searches.  These divisions provide you with the resources  to  staff  your practice for long or short term needs, ensure  your practice is  compliant   with  human resource  concerns, and recruit those  hard to  fill   positions.  CnStaffing, inc is a partner to support all your personnel management and HR needs. 

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Our Heart Center has been a client of HRHealthcare since November 2005.  The change to HRH has helped our management staff tremendously by having a resource with not only their on-line manual, but mostly the support of the HRH staff.  The advice that we receive and the support with difficult employee situations far exceeded my original expectations.  The change to HRH has given our management staff a dependable resource for support, education and guidance.


Chief Executive Officer

Leading Heart Center